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[Sticky] Know Software Features That we are Working on.  

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This is a list of know issues that we are currently working on.

  1. Update WordPress plugin including
    1. products page
    2. Project builder sliders
    3. change checkout payment to shipping and payment popup
    4. fix CSS corruption issue on servers
  2. Add Price per piece breakdown on invoice and quotes. IN PROGRESS
  3. Rearrange sizes on customer supplied garments: FIXED
  4. Add manage address button to edit pop up menu: FIXED
  5. Add Custom Products and inventory: IN PROGRESS
  6. Add Embroidery Quoting tools
  7. Give users the ability to create and assign multiple price matrixes
  8. There is a recurring issue when clients checkout with PayPal the invoice does not go into production status: FIXED
  9. Add the ability to email clients directly from the client's account.
  10. Add client-facing notes under the discount area so that users can write custom terms based on job specifics. We decided the tasks would be the best solution for this. They are created and working.
  11. Integrate Sanmar
  12. Give the user the ability to request 50% payment from clients.
  13. Advanced Reports and csv output.
  14. Create Task button on the action pop out dose not currently work, its a holding function for a future feature. DONE
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